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Get the official Pleasure Craft Operator Card for as low as $25*
($49 in BC, price includes SJA marine safety kit)

You can obtain your official Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) from St. John Ambulance in two easy steps:
Step 1: Study our Free Boating Safety Course at this web site (take as long as you like to study); and then
Step 2: Write the test (you can write the test at one of our Testing Centres, or by mail). And receive your Temporary Operator Card immediately (your permanent PCOC will be forwarded to you by first class mail).

* Some testing agents add a $5 surcharge to defray their costs.


Who must obtain a PCOC?


Anyone born after April 1, 1983 must carry proof of competency to operate any type or size of motorboat (including a jet ski or a Seadoo) in Canada.

Any boater (regardless of age) must carry proof of competency while operating any type of motorboat (gas, diesel, or electric) that is less than 4 m (13 ft) in length.


What is the fine for not carrying a PCOC?

Failure to carry a required proof of competency risks a fine of $250. By September 15, 2009, all boaters regardless of age will have to carry proof of competency to operate any type of motorboat in Canada. The most accepted proof of competency is the Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC), which you can obtain by passing an Operator Proficiency Exam.

How do I arrange to write the test to get my PCOC?

It is possible to challenge the operator proficiency test without first taking an in-class course. You have two options for challenging the test:
Option 1: Write the test at one of our Testing Centres; or
Option 2: Write the Exam by Mail.
You will receive temporary proof of competency immediately upon passing the test. Your permanent Pleasure Craft Operator Card will be forwarded by first class mail.

Is the test difficult?

No. Most of the test questions are common sense. You will have no difficulty passing the test if you do some basic preparation using our free online course.

What is the total cost to obtain my PCOC from St. John Ambulance?

Prices vary from province to province. See Our Prices to determine the cost.

Are in-class courses available?

In-class courses are available from some St. John Ambulance training centres. To inquire whether an in-class course is available in your area, please refer to our list of Testing Centres and contact the one nearest you. There is a fee for in-class courses (course fee includes in-class instruction, official operator test, Temporary Operator Card, and permanent Pleasure Craft Operator Card).

Are there any hidden costs?

Yes. freecourse.ca charges $19.95 (+ HST) to replace lost or damaged cards (this is the lowest boater card replacement fee in Canada; other course providers are charging $25 or more for replacement cards). For information, please go to our Need a New Card? page.

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