We need trainers and testing agents in every community across Canada, including areas already listed on our Testing Centres page. If you are interested in supervising boater tests or in teaching our course, please review the information below and contact us at

About Us

Transport Canada has approved as a fully accredited boating safety course provider and has authorized to train and test boaters and to issue the official Transport Canada Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC). We created to provide boaters with the most affordable way to write a Transport Canada accredited Operator Proficiency Test. Our online course is free and we charge only $25 for a boater to write the test.

On-Paper Tests

All on-paper Pleasure Craft Operator Tests must be supervised. Boaters can write the on-paper test under the supervision of a testing agent for a fee of $25. The Candidate pays the testing fee to the testing agent when the boater writes the test. If the boater fails on the first attempt, the boater pays only $10 for the second attempt.

We do not have enough testing agents to meet demand for our services and we need trustworthy agents everywhere, including areas already listed on our Testing Centres page. When a Candidate completes a boater test, it is corrected by the testing agent. The test contains 50 questions of which the Candidate must answer 38 (75%) correctly. If the Candidate passes, the testing agent issues a Temporary Operator Card to the Candidate and then the original corrected answer sheet and a $12.50 processing fee (half the fee paid by the Candidate to write the test) are forwarded by the testing agent to Upon receipt of an original corrected answer sheet and processing fee, reviews the corrected test, creates a database file, orders an official Transport Canada PCOC, and has the PCOC forwarded directly to the Candidate by first class mail. Typically, Candidates receive their PCOC within three weeks of when we receive the corrected answer sheet from the testing agent. There is no cost to become a testing agent. Individuals who we certify to become testing agents receive our standard testing centre kit. There is no cost for the kit, which remains the property of


We do not have enough trainers to meet demand for our services and we are looking for new trainers in all parts of Canada. If you decide to conduct in-class boater safety training in addition to testing, will provide you with training materials and start-up support. Most of the fees for our four-hour in-class course (usually $50 to $65) are kept by the instructor (the only fee forwarded to is always our standard $12.50 per card processing fee). There is no cost to join our network as a trainer. Individuals who become approved trainers receive our standard in-class training kit. There is no cost for the kit, which remains the property of

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Manager - Training and Testing *
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** to keep our phone lines clear, the best way to reach us is always via e-mail, which allows us to respond to you at any time from anywhere.

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Transport Canada Accreditted is accredited by Transport Canada to deliver boating safety courses and administer tests for the issuance of Pleasure Craft Operator Cards (PCOCs), including replacement cards, under the Competency of Operators of Pleasure Craft Regulations. PCOC card

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