We have more than 150 testing centres across Canada where boaters can write the Transport Canada accredited Operator Proficiency Exam. Our testing centres are selected to provide you with a disturbance-free environment in which to write the accredited exam.

There is a fee of $25 plus applicable tax payable to the testing centre when you write the exam. The fee includes writing the exam, a temporary operator card, and the official permanent Pleasure Craft Operator Card, which is forwarded to you by first class mail. There are no other fees or charges. There is a time limit of 45 minutes for the exam but you will likely complete it in 30 minutes.

You can write the exam at any time of the year. Please call in advance to make an appointment with the testing centre. You should bring photo identification with you when you go to write the test.

Before you write your exam, we invite you to try our free online course. If you complete the online course, you will have no difficulty with the real exam. In addition, our Transport Canada certified course manual is available as a free download.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

Note: If you like, please mention us to your friends. If they have questions on us or on Transport Canada requirements, they can find answers in the FAQs section of our web site.

Transport Canada Accreditted is accredited by Transport Canada to deliver boating safety courses and administer tests for the issuance of Pleasure Craft Operator Cards (PCOCs), including replacement cards, under the Competency of Operators of Pleasure Craft Regulations. PCOC card

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